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It can restore data and formatting from a wide variety of Microsoft Excel formats, including *.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, and many more!
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18 December 2012

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Microsoft Excel is amongst the most prolific product of MS Office and its data storage, examination along with presenting capability has made huge many organizations to use it to accomplish its tasks. If such a vital application gets corrupted it might push an entire organization on halt. So it get highly important to get it recovered as soon as possible and therefore Excel Repair Toolbox 1.0.0 is the suggestion we would like to give you. This toolbox is a comprehensive solution that can help you recover almost all kinds of MS Excel files that gets corrupted. With it you will be able to get back all the important information which can prevent your organization going into halt or loss.

Excel Repair Toolbox reveals itself as a powerful recovery application and thanks to its enhanced search algorithm; it can effectively recreate any kind of lost data. Alongside data in cells, functions and formulas are also effectually recovered by it. Formats of text along with entire details related data stored in the Excel files are preserved by it. All the Excel formats like XLS, XLSX, XLTM and several other are supported by it in most effective way. The user interface of this application is innately crafted and most users can with bare minimal efforts recover the damaged files. This repairing tool quickly scans all corrupt excel files and a preview of repaired files are generate so that one can view them and move towards repairing them. All those files that are present in USB drives or CD/DVDs and are damaged could be recovered using this tool.

Excel Repair Toolbox is a very valuable recovery application that supports repairing all the damaged excel files (no matter what could be the reason for damage) in most convenient way and that’s why a three and half star rating sounds good for it.

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In this technological age, Microsoft Excel is the industry standard for storing, analyzing, and presenting tabular data. A single excel spreadsheet file can represent hours or even weeks of careful work and yet, like all files, they are subject to corruption at the turn of a sudden event. Those without backups may fear all their work is lost, but they should take comfort in knowing that excel recovery solutions are available to assist them.
Excel Repair Toolbox is a powerful utility to assist in the restoration of Microsoft Excel files. With an advanced heuristic search algorithm, this tool is able to salvage and recreate missing information about the values stored in the file. Not only does this allow it to restore the data in the cells, but Excel Repair Toolbox can also recover formulas and functions as well. Even better, this advanced tool is able to extract and recreate the formatting of text as well as cells themselves, and even details as fine as text orientation and cell width! This program is capable of recovering data from many Excel formats, including *.xls, *.xlt, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx, and *.xlam.
Excel Repair Toolbox's interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing it to be learned with minimal effort for those who need to recover their data quickly. You need only open the toolbox and select the file to be recovered, then Excel Repair Toolbox will scan the source file and generate a preview of what the resulting repaired .xls will look like, in a format familiar to all users of Microsoft Excel. Excel Repair Toolbox is able to restore files which have been damaged by failure of storage media such as a CD or flash drive, files which have been corrupted by a virus or antivirus software, and files which cannot be opened because Microsoft Excel was unable to close properly. When you need to recover vital spreadsheet data, turn to Excel Repair Toolbox for a quick and simple solution!
Excel Repair Toolbox
Excel Repair Toolbox
Version 1.1
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